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Madison County School System
Summary: Assists the principal in the administration of the school primarily with student services; serves in a leadership capacity in the absence of the principal.
Qualifications: Valid Georgia leadership certificate and high school experience working with students with disabilities required. Ability to apply critical thinking skills in rendering solutions to various issues. Ability to plan and implement short and long-range goals and objectives. Ability to work in a collaborative team. Ability to use Microsoft Office and other system software programs. Excellent interpersonal skills needed to work effectively with students, parents, administrators and staff. Excellent organizational skills and oral and written communication skills desired.
Instructional Duties:
1. Conducts routine administrative duties as assigned by the principal.
2. Models and supports special education staff in organizing, identifying and implementing curriculum including the Georgia Performance Standards (GPS), Georgia Alternative Assessments (GAA) and adapted curriculum.
3. Participates in professional learning activities and plans/delivers professional learning activities to staff, parents, and others to increase achievement for students with disabilities.
4. Collaborates with school parents and school staff regarding instructional decision-making for students with disabilities.
5. Assists school staff in organizing curriculum and utilizing effective teaching strategies for students with disabilities.
6. Assists teachers in improving classroom management and climate through the implementation of effective instructional methods.
7. Participates in the supervision and evaluation of professional and classified personnel.
8. Prepares reports and memoranda as assigned by the principal.
9. Performs other duties as assigned by the appropriate administrator.
Due Process Duties:
1. Maintains communication with the special education staff, local school personnel, and parents regarding the referral, evaluation, identification and effective programming for students with disabilities.
2. Consults with local instructional staff regarding Individual Education Program (IEP) development, extended school year, behavioral interventions, and transition plans for students with disabilities.
3. Collaborates with appropriate school-based personnel to assure timely data input/submission for students with disabilities.
4. Monitors assessments timelines to ensure adherence to State regulations.
5. Assigns and /or conducts staffings to develop IEPs as required within assigned school calendar.
6. Coordinates/participates in the development of functional behavioral assessments/behavior intervention plans with assigned school.
7. Consults with local school staff and coordinates/conducts discipline review/manifestation determination meetings with the appropriate Services for Exceptional Children (SEC) Department Coordinator.
8. Assists and supports special education teaching staff with the accurate documentation of data to reflect student progress for students with disabilities.
9. Collaborates with appropriate school personnel to assure accurate FTE reporting for students with disabilities.
10. May collaborate in the Student Support Team (SST) and/or Comprehensive Building Team (CBT) process.
11. Maintains documentation, collaboration, and consultation of 504's.
12. Maintains communication with appropriate staff, parents and student when dealing with student Code of Conduct violations and consequences for students with disabilities and 504's.
13. Coordinates and monitors local and State testing involving students with disabilities and 504's.
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